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You've heard it sung around the campfires! You've lifted your voice to its haunting melody countless times! Now K-Smel records introduces an all-new collection... The Best Of Clementine!

This hilarious bit is based on the discovery by John Cash of the Clementine Principal, which states that:

  1. The words to Clementine can be sung easily to the tune of certain songs
  2. By extention, the words to these songs can be sung to the tune of Clementine
  3. By further extention, the words and tunes of any of these songs are interchangable

To prove it, go ahead and sing the words to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to the tune of Pinball Wizard. Go ahead and try it!

Carl Franklin learned of the Clementine Principal through a mutual friend of John's, Andy Derr, and turned it into a comedy routine that you can listen to right here.

This performance was recorded in July, 2003 at the L.L.Bean Summer Concert Series. The Maine Hysterical Society was the headliner, and Carl made a guest appearance to do Clementine. Randy Judkins played the part of the announcer.

Watch the YouTube Video or download and pass-on this 12MB MP3, and enjoy it for years to come. If your security policy prohibits MP3 downloads, you can download

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